Being an Adult is Hard...

You have responsibilities, stress, and unmet goals. You can't remember when you last felt confident, supported, or joy.

Looking around, you can't help but notice all the other 'grown-ups' seem to have their stuff together. It's always seemed to be so much harder for you to feel satisfied and content. You've stopped and started to work on finding your happiness and motivation more times than you'd like to admit. You're constantly asking yourself "Why can't I just feel happy?". You wonder if you're battling depression or anxiety.


We will have focused conversations so you discover more about  yourself and what it is important to you, what you need to identify from your past that may be blocking you in the present, identify the actions you need to take, identify your dreams and make your life as complete as possible.  My intention is to create a collaborative space to become aware of the barriers that are interfering with your emotional, physical and mental well being and are limiting your expansion in other areas of your life.  

Making the decision to take steps towards individual counseling takes courage and desire to change your life from its current state.   Whether your desire is to change your marriage, your family or yourself, I am glad to walk with you.  

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